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anaemia elderly

Anaemia (Elderly)



   Anaemia is a condition caused by a lack of red blood cells. It means that the body’s tissues and organs cannot get enough oxygen.

   Anaemia occurs when the normal balance between red blood cell production in the bone marrow and red blood cell destruction in the spleen is disrupted – resulting in an overall loss of red blood cells. Anaemia can also be associated with some other conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, cancer and infection – which may reduce red blood cell production.





Suggested Treatment / Recommended Dosage / Directions:

Food Supplement Name Directions Additional Dosage Info Notes

Vitamin E

3D x 1 capsule

before your meal


3D x 2 capsules

before your meal


3D x 20 ml

mixed with water

0.5 hour before your meal


Senior Formula

3D x 1 tablet

during your meal


Polinesian Noni

3D x 15 ml

always 0.5h before your meal


Bee Power

2D x 1 capsule

before your meal (not at evening)




D - number of times per day



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